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Do you need to perform the preventive calculation quote of the piping materials?

ESApro MTO provides the material requirement through driven data entry or in automatic starting from the P&ID diagram.


Estimate of Piping Materials

ESApro provides the evaluation of piping materials (pipes, bends, tees, valves, flanges, etc.) just before the executive design of the plant, a very important phase when making an estimate.
In a perfectly integrated environment with the other ESApro modules which share the project database, the component archives and the pipe classes, ESApro MTO creates a straightforward material take off following two approach:

  • by directly extracting the quantities from ESApro P&ID
  • by manually inserting the quantities through a data entry procedure controlled by piping classes


In both cases ESApro MTO relies on the same database used by ESApro 3D Piping and ESApro Isometrics for the executive design: in this way it is possible to compare final calculations and previously made estimates.

Piping Spec driven system

ESApro MTO shares the “Spec Management” module with ESApro 3D Piping and ESApro Isometrics: through this module the user can create his own piping classes by simply choosing the subset matching the project criteria from all the components in the dimensional catalogue.
The piping classes drive and control the user through the whole workflow.

MTO from ESApro P&ID (automatic mode)

ESApro MTO can do the automatic computation of piping materials starting from the diagrams made with ESApro P&ID, simply developing the diagram by using the piping classes (pipes, fittings, gaskets, nuts and bolts, branch tables, etc.) previously defined in the Spec Management environment shared by ESApro 3D Piping, ESApro Isometrics and ESApro MTO.
Once the diagrams have been done, ESApro MTO does the automatic computation of:

  • valves and line components with the related assembly materials (flanges, gaskets and nuts and bolts)
  • branch components (equal and reducing tees, half sleeves, weldolets, etc.)
  • reducing components (concentric and eccentric reducers)

About the estimate of pipes lenghts, number of bends, and possible joints,which cannot be determined from the drawing, they can instead be manually entered or computed through customized rules.

Piping Class driven data entry (manual mode)

Once a line and its related class and diameter are defined, the user can manually insert the data with the following controls:

  • only the components provided by the piping spec for the specified diameter are shown for the selection
  • when loading a flanged component, the related assembly materials are automatically loaded (flanges, gaskets, nuts and bolts)
  • the materials entered on the line of a yet to be specified quantity, are highlighted

Once the procedure is ended, the user can create the lists via the same ESApro 3D Piping versatile procedure. TXT or Excel format ensures the quality of the documents fully conforming to any standard.

Customizable Material Lists

The program can provide the following lists:

  • piping materials (pipes, bends, tees, valves, etc.)
  • line list

The material lists format can be customized by choosing which fields to visualize, their order and possible filters. The lists can be directly printed or exported in TXT or Excel files for further processing or interfacing with external software.