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How long does it take you to draw isometrics?

ESApro Isometric reduces design production times, creating automatically the material lists.


Automatic isometric drawing from the 3D Piping (automatic mode)

In this mode ESApro Isometrics automatically generates the isometric drawing starting from the ISO files generated by ESApro 3D Piping.
During isometric generation the following options may be set:

  • creation of out-sized isometrics or isometrics maintaining the original proportions
  • north orientated plant
  • customizable automatic dimensioning
  • automatic insertion of altimetric dimensions
  • automatic tagging of line components, instruments, lines and equipment
  • graphic representation of border components between sheets
  • material list (with weights, surfaces, etc.) and balloon insertion
  • pipe cut-lenght lists and and pipe automatic tagging
  • weld lists and automatic tagging
  • insulation list
  • PED table with line data (material, pressures, temperatures etc.)
  • automatic title-block insertion with data drawn from Excel sheet


wide range of graphic tools allows the user to refine and optimize the automatic drawing graphics:

  • easy editing of positions and orientations of the dimensions
  • easy editing of balloons and tags
  • drawing integration with further dimensions tags
  • defininition of the spool limits and of the on-site welding
  • addition of written notes necessary for the manufacturing process
  • last minute changes


The isometric drawings can be generated one at time, or all together via the “ESApro GenISO” utility.

Isometric drawing (manual mode)

When using the manual mode, ESApro Isometrics allows the user to draw an isometric starting from scratch. Such a working procedure is particularly useful for the following:

  • small modifications to existing plants where the creation of a 3D model is not required
  • drafting of isometrics completed of dimensioning and lists, starting from piping orthographic drawings.


It is possible to very easily produce quick and accurate isometric drawings in a piping spec driven environment equipped with a library of isometric symbols. While inserting the dimensions, the program acquires the data which defines the real length of the pipes for the material list.
The program includes the following functions:

  • intuitive management system of the reference planes
  • component attraction, orientation and automatic line cutting (at the insertion phase)
  • interactive variation of the insertion point, direction and rotation around the axis (dynamic positioning of the component on the line)
  • variation of the representation scale of the components to improve the graphic quality of the drawing
  • automatic positioning of the dimension on the correct isometric plane and simultaneous calculation of the pipe length (dimensioning phase)
  • face to face dimensions of piping components (valves, flanges, tees, etc.) deriving from the dimensional catalogue
  • insertion of notes in standard formats (leader with circle, rectangular box, etc.)


Once the design and the quotation are ended, the program can generate the material lists.

Piping Spec driven procedures

ESApro Plant Design applications speed up the design process thanks to the constant monitoring by the Piping Spec, and always ensure univocal precision in the choice of the components used.
The “Spec Management” module allows the user to assemble the piping classes in a simple and rapid way, by choosing the component subset that conforms to the project’s criteria among all the available components in the dimensional catalogue.
The piping classes drive and control the user through the whole workflow.
The piping classes may be modified in any phase whatsoever of the project: thanks to the update functions the program verifies the designed lines in order to guarantee congruence with respect to the new specification.

Customizable dimensional Catalog

The program contains hundreds of isometric symbols representing piping components whose dimensional data are drawn from the centralized database.
With more than 10,000 piping components organized in 1,500 dimensional tables, the ESApro Isometrics provides a vast ready-to-use catalogue that conforms to the most common standards (ASME, DIN, ISO, UNI, BS, BPE, etc.) In addition to the traditional steel components, ents in PVC, PTFE, fiberglass, sanitary and Victaulic are also supplied.

Each part is provided with descriptions in different languages and an additional field is provided for the part number.
The symbol graphic representation complies with the usual industry standards: in case that customizations are requested, it is sufficient to simply draw the new symbols directly in AutoCAD and insert them into the library.

Customizable graphic environment

The quality of the graphic representation of the drawings generated by ESApro Isometrics is unquestionably one of its strong points: in fact the user can very easily customize the whole graphic environment.

  • graphic symbols
  • sheet formats and the related title blocks
  • colors and thicknesses for lines and components
  • dimension styles
  • text styles
  • graphic styles for the table lists
Customizable materials, cut and welding lists

SApro Isometrics can automatically generate many types of lists inside the drawing, or export the overall lists of the entire project in external files in TXT or Excel files for further elaboration or eventual integration with external application.
The program can generate:

  • material lists of prefabrication and construction together with weights and painted surfaces
  • pipe cut lenght list, including extra length for adjustments and welding removal
  • welding lists with tags, diameter, material and welding type
  • PED table with a summary of all processing data (pressures, temperatures etc..)
  • insulation list with linear meters and insulated surface requirements


The material lists format can be customized by choosing which fields to visualize, their order and possible filters. The lists can be directly printed or exported in TXT or Excel files for further processing or interfacing with external software.

Multiuser database integrated with the P&ID environment

Based on the standard Microsoft SQL Server, the project database is shared by all the P&ID diagrams, the 3D Piping models, the isometric drawings and the electrical design environment.
The “Publish” command transfers all the data present in the drawing into the database, making this data available to all of the project tea. Thanks to the Line Manager” tool it is possible to keep the project lines under control in real time, giving the process manager the possibility to intervene on the process data in a simple and immediate fashion.