ESAin S.r.l.

Do you want your datasheets and hook-ups to be always aligned to your P&ID?

ESApro instrumentation relate the P&ID instrument with their datasheets and hook-ups and keep them up to date.


Datasheet automatic generation starting from P&ID

The ESApro Instrumentation Datasheet Module is dedicated to the creation and management of the datasheets related to instruments, components and equipments.
The program operates on the project database frontloaded by ESApro P&ID and allows a record, an instrument representation, a component or a piece of equipment, to be associated to the related datasheet in Microsoft Excel format. The content of the fields (tag, service, line number and any other user defined field) is automatically filled into the corresponding cells of the Excel sheet representing the datasheet.

Datasheet customizable Library

The program is supplied with an extensive library of standard datasheets:

  • instrument datasheet standard ISA (pressure gauges, safety valves, level controls, etc.)
  • equipment datasheet (pumps, compressors, vessels, exchangers, etc.)


The program-generated datasheets can be either single or multiple depending on whether it has been decided to insert one or more objects on one single sheet. The Excel format library can be easily customized or expanded by the user through a simple procedure where the program automatically configures the cells in accordance with the database project data.

Data editing through Excel-like interface

The user can directly feed the project database with the instrument data through:

  • Excel-like interface
  • massive data entry with easy copy/paste functions
  • data import/export from Excel files
Synchronization between the P&ID and Datasheet

While the work is in progress it is possible to intervene on process data and electromechanical data simultaneously: the use of a simple and efficient tool that ensures the consistency of all information reported in the project documents (P&ID sheets, line and instrument lists, datasheets, etc.) is therefore important.
For this purpose ESApro Datasheet provides the possibility to modify data on 2 levels:

  • through ESApro P&ID on the CAD drawing
  • through the Excel-like interface in the project database

When editing the data, the program properly manages the information flow and notifies the team of any change.

Customizable Hook-up Libraries

ESApro Instrumentation Hook-up module computes the materials of the typical instruments connecting with the piping lines or the hook-ups. The program offers a catalogue of customizable components (tubing, manifold, tee, cable glands, etc.) where the user can draw the hook-ups and the related material lists from. The set of materials related to a single hook-up can be defined through a simple data-entry interface, or through a graphic tool supporting the user when generating the related drawing in CAD environment.

Automatic generation of Hook-up material list

ESApro Hook-ups simply requires a matching up of each record of the instrument data base, with its hook-up selected from a list. After That, the program provides the lists of all the materials necessary to mount the instrument and generates a report containing, for each hook-up, the list of the shared instruments.

Supported Hook-up design

ESApro Hook-up provide a graphic tool in the CAD environment that supports the user when making the constructive designs of the hook-ups. When opening a normal AutoCAD design through simple and rapid commands it is possible to:

  • associate the CAD drawing with a typical hook-up
  • insert position balloons identifying the many components
  • manage the hook-ups library
  • insert material table within a drawing