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Do you need to verify the head losses of your plant?

ESApro Head Loss calculates of the head losses of a complex line starting from the 3D model.


Verification of the head losses of lines in 3D Piping

ESApro Head Loss is an additional module of ESApro 3D Piping which, starting from the 3D model, can calculate the head losses of a complex line in order to verify its proper dimensioning.
Once the path to analyze is selected on the 3D model, the program:

  • automatically derives the sequence of the components belonging to the line stretch
  • generates a calculation sheet with the geometrical data derived from the 3D model
  • associates to each component its equivalent length or resistance coefficient


once the further necessary data are inserted (fluid coefficient, initial pressure and flow rate) the software can perform the calculation of:

  • total head loss of the stretch
  • end pressure and pressure at each single node
  • head loss of each component

The algorithms of the software comply with the indications of “ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals”.