ESAin S.r.l.

Do you need to model the electrical raceways?

ESApro Cable Trays performs 3D modeling of electrical cable trays and conduits and provides the related material lists.


Three-dimensional modeling of cable trays and conduits

ESApro Cable Trays is dedicated to three-dimensional modeling of primary and secondary cable trays: alongside other ESApro modules, it creates the complete multidisciplinary model of the plant,  and in particular:

  • rectangular cable trays (straight elements, bends, covers, tees, reductions etc.)
  • conduit lines (pipes, bends, tees, reductions, etc.)
  • junction boxes

The program is based on parametrical graphic functions generating the 3D model of the cable trays and conduit components by picking up the dimensional data from the centralized database.
ESApro Cable Trays modeling process is extremely fast and accurate:

  • powerful tools for the routing of the raceways
  • automatic dressing with the catalogue components
  • automatic cutting of linear stretches in standard lengths
  • fit to fit option to place components without any preexisting axis
  • interference check in real time
  • all the characteristics (Size, classes, etc.) or geometry of the cable trays can be changed at any time, all the components will be automatically updated

Once the 3D model is completed, the program generates the material list. The optional ESApro Cable Routing module performs the automatic routing of the cables within the cable trays.

Customizable dimensional Catalog

With more than 1.000 cable raceway components, ESApro Cable Trays provides a wide catalog ready to use and customizable by the user where necessary.
ESApro Cable Trays include:

  • linear cable trays
  • 90° bends
  • 45° bends
  • concentric and eccentric reducers
  • equal and reducing tees
  • equal and reducing crosses
  • 90° branches
  • conduit pipes
  • 90° and 45° conduit elbows
  • junction boxes
  • equal and reducing conduit tees

Furthermore the program calculate the joint components required for the connections
Each part is provided with descriptions in different languages and an additional field is provided for the part number.

Steel Structures Modeling

ESApro Cable Trays contains a module for the fast creation of steel structures. Thanks to quick and intuitive interfaces it is possible to create beams (IPN, UPN, IPE, HE, LEQ etc.) by taking them from a customizable database and by adapting them to your needs through simple shaping and editing commands.
Commands for the automatic creation of the following are also available:

  • pipe-racks
  • columns
  • shelves
  • poles
  • stand bases
  • railings
  • platforms
  • ramp stairs
  • ladders
  • spiral staircases

The program provides automatically the bill of material of the beams and the total steel structure weight.

Material lists

Once the drawing is finished the program can provide automatically lists of:

  • cable trays materials
  • conduit materials
  • beams
  • cable (with the ESApro Cable tray Routing module)

The lists can be directly printed or exported in the TXT or Excel files formats for further processing or interfacing with external software

Multiuser Database integrated with the Process & Plant Design environment

Based on the standard Microsoft SQL Server, the project database is shared by all the P&ID diagrams, the 3D Piping models, the isometric drawings and the electrical design environment.
The “Publish” command tranfer all the data present in the drawing into the database, making this data available to the project team.

Automatic 2D drawings

The automatic drawings generator, is one of the strengths of ESApro:

  • automatic generation of plan, front, side, section and isometric views
  • aided dimensioning of the 2D views
  • automatic representation of section symbols
  • shaded views, very clear and easy to read even in highly complex drawings
  • automatic views update when the model changes
  • export of the generated layouts as standard AutoCAD bi-dimensional dwg files
Rendering and Animation

The program can directly display a shaded viewof the plant, very useful when analyzing very complex areas. It is possible to render the model in a very sophisticated way so to enrich it with realistic and impressive visual effects. The software can also make movies and produce animations.

Maximum compatibility with external Software

All the ESApro files are simple dwg file with standard AutoCAD entities only (lines, circles, blocks, etc.) included: no additional object enablers or conversion tools are therefore required to open or view such files.
The interchange of files with other software is then very straightforward as all types of software can read the DWG/DXF format or any other format exportable from AutoCAD (DGN, DWF, PDF).