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Do you need to plan the cable routing?

ESApro optimizes the route of cables within the raceways and computes the actual length.


Manual or automatic cable routing

ESApro Cable Routing module, once the 3D model of the cable raceways has been created through ESApro Cable Trays, provides the automatic routing of the cables inside the raceways thus optimizing the routing and checking on the remaining space in the cable trays. The module verifies the correct cable raceways dimensioning and the cable requirements with the relative lengths and routing reports for the subsequent assembly operation.
The ESApro Cable Routing module provides the following functions:

  • table of the cable typologies (cable type, composition, section, linear weight, etc.) and cable trays (voltage level, section, fill-in percentage, divider number, etc.)
  • definition of the electrical users of the plant (electrical tag, etc.)
  • definition of the cable list (from, to, cable typology, estimated length, etc.)
  • management of the cable tray sections (recognition and automatic tagging)
  • routing of cables (automatic or manual with fill percentage control)
  • visualization of the cable routing inside the model
  • weight of the straight sections of the cable trays (including cable weights)

During the assisted cable routing procedure the software finds the shortest way and complying with the binding rules (already routed cables, available space in the sections, compatibility with other cables).
At the end of the procedure the program can provide the following lists:

  • total weight for each cable type (actual meters and eventual spools)
  • length of each single cable (extra-lengths for the connection of blocks included)
  • cable routing (list of the sections of each cable routing)
  • cables for each section (list of the cables inside each section)

The lists can be directly printed or exported in TXT or Excel formats for further processing or interfacing with external software.

Integration with electrical diagram (SPAC Link)

“SPAC Link” function integrates the functional design of electrical and industrial automation plants with the actual physical design of cable routing. The function can import the electrical users and the cables already defined into the SPAC Automazione software, which provides the electrical diagrams. Once the length of the ESApro Cable Routing cables is defined, all data can be re-transferred into SPAC environment so as to update the material lists.
Some of the SPAC functions are:


  • multi-sheet management and cross-reference
  • components automatic tagging
  • material list
  • wire list
  • terminal blocks and connectors
  • PLC configuration

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