Logo PMT Italia

AREA: Pulp and Paper
YEAR: 2000

PMT Italia is a company operating in the field of design and construction of complete plants for all types of paper, and in the definition and installation of auxiliary equipment. The company, ISO 9001 certified since 1993, is based in Pinerolo, and its premises cover more than 65,000 square meters. It boasts about 300 employees producing plants in more than 40 countries all over the world.
PMT occupies a place today on the market based on consolidated experience in the manufacturing process of tissue paper.

The target

To design more precise and higher quality projects:

  • By minimizing production time

PMT ITALIA decided to concentrate its efforts in the following areas: research, buildings, machine tools, instrumentation for facilities in paper mills, new design system and new IT system.

“In particular we felt the need to acquire a 3D program for the plant design” Marco Invrea PMT CAD Supervisor explains “so to be able to monitor all the possible paths during the project and construction phases.”.

The answer

PMT ITALIA chose ESAin thanks to the completeness and the linearity of its technologies that are intuitive, easy to handle and widely established on the market. Also ESAin expert backup personnel are readily available all over the country, technicians who can arrive on the spot in the blink of an eye and solve any type of problem.
Modules used:

  • P&ID for the development of process diagrams
  • 3D Piping for the three dimensional modeling of the plant with automatic generation orthographic views and material lists
  • Isometrics for the automatic extraction of isometric drawings from the 3D model
The case

2000-2002: Tunisie Ouate, the first producer of tissue paper in Tunisia asked PMT to design, build and start up a new plant and a complete line for the production of tissue paper.

The collaboration between PMT and ESAin started off in the year 2000 by holding specific training courses for the PMT personnel based on the various ESAin software, and continued for the next two years through a constant hands-on collaboration of the ESAin operators providing all the necessary support needed, especially in functional plant designing and detailed engineering.

The result

“The ESApro programs we used” Marco Invrea explains “allowed us to monitor the various designing and constructing phases and therefore to create more accurate and highly competitive projects. Secondly, this system allowed us to extract from the intelligent three dimensional model the material lists, two dimensional orthographic views and the isometric drawings for construction”. The development of the detail engineering on a CAD three-dimensional model has allowed the working team to rationalize and optimize the plant layout. The three dimensional approach to the project has also allowed the designers to verify and solve in advance any interference problems between the pipelines, the plant mechanical components and the building.
“We are very satisfied with the way the project turned out” Tonello of PMT concludes “and in fact Tunisia Ouate itself congratulated us for the innovative technologies used in the whole project. This has been a very important step for PMT and we are ready now to take up a new challenge. We have just started off a new similar project in Italy”..

The partnership between PMT and ESAin continued even after the completion of the project with the creation of a high-resolution rendering and animation of the plant for marketing purposes.