CUSTOMER: Mayekawa
AREA: Chemical, petrochemical and food
YEAR: 2011

Mayewaka is a Japanese Company founded in 1924, specialized in technology for industrial refrigeration and gas compression. The Company has progressively focused on the chemical, petrochemical and food industry and today exists all over the world. At the present time the group boasts 80 offices located in 14 different countries having a total of 3,200 employees. Mayekawa Italia Plc. opened its head office in Milan and an operational office in Calderara di Reno (Bologna) at the beginning of 2011. There were two objectives: one, the commercialization of the company products for the food industry and HVAC, and the other, for the design, construction and maintenance of the refrigerating systems and gas compression in the OIL & GAS sector.

The target

Provide the company with a fully integrated IT system:

  • to ensure correct and timely information flows between design and procurement, production and accounting


The staff of Mayekawa Italia now numbers about 30 people, who are directly involved in the marketing and design of the plants, while the construction is delegated to external companies.
“Refrigeration systems are always different as they are designed in accordance with the customer’s technical specifications,” explains engineer Giacomo Cisilino, General Manager of Mayekawa Italy, “and delivery times are ever shorter: any delays are subject to severe penalties”.

The answer

“Choosing ESApro was quite easy” Cisilino continues “as I had already come to know the Company during my previous work experiences when I was able to appreciate their competence as well as the quality of the product”. Particularly appreciated was the efficiency and timeliness of the technical assistance and moreover the capability to customize to client’s demand and integrate the software with other systems.”

Used modules:

  • 3D Piping for the design of refrigerating systems
  • Isometrics for the automatic extraction of isometric sketches from the 3D model

Mayekawa chose SAGE for ERP, that was supplied and customized from the Milanese Company Formula, and an Autodesk solution for PDM.

The case

In 2011 Mayekawa acquired a very complex order in Morocco from an important petrochemical group, for the overall sum total of 4 million Euros. Among the other various contractual requests, there was one for the creation of a logical link between the many project documents, the full traceability of all components and the development of the 3D model for the ergonomic analysis, with a particular regard for maintenance.
Software was therefore needed that was capable of integrating the many project phases, starting from P&ID up to the isometric drawings and able to interface with the ERP of the company which manages orders, warehouse and all the components documents, plus the certificates and the test results such as X-rays, reports, etc.
Furthermore, one phase of the project design was about the simulation of the accessibility to the various components through the use of three dimensional model. We found many offers available on the market, but rather costly and that brought management difficulties with them. These problems were not acceptable with a Company such as Mayekawa .
ESApro, which operates on an economic platform just like Autodesk” Cisilino comments “immediately sounded like the best answer to our problems.”

The result

The use of ESApro combined with SAGE has given excellent results that have proven to be satisfactory for both Mayekawa and the customer. This is because the high level of automation has permitted great error reduction both under the profile of material supply and the carrying out of the project.