Cookies informative report

Cookies are parts of codes installed on the browser in order to provide the site Holder with the necessary information to deliver the required service.

Some cookies, in order to be more efficient, might require the user consent

Technical cookies and aggregated statistic

Strictly work related activity

This Application uses cookies to save the User session and also for other activities strictly related to its performance, for example the traffic data distribution.
Saving procedures, optimization and statistics.
This application uses cookies in order to save personal settings and optimize the User web experience. For example Cookies for setting the language and  the currency and the site Holder data management.


Other types of Cookies and third parties

Some of the following lists of services might not require the user consent and could be directly managed by the site Owner without the help of a third party
When managed by a third party there is a possibility the User data might be illegally traced,  the Owner unbeknowst. For detailed information we suggest to read the privacy policy of the listed services.



The following services allow the Owner to monitor and analyze the User data, that is to say to  trace him. Google analytics (Google Inc)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Google) where Google utilizes  personal data of the User in order to trace and analyze the Application performance, to make reports and share them with other Google application.

Google might utilize personal data to contextualize and customize the advertisements on its network.

Collected Personal Data : Cookies and utility Data

Location: USA – Private Policy – Opt Out


Visualization of contents from external platforms

These data allow the visualization of the contents of external platforms directly from the pages of this application so to interface them.
Once installed, even when not in use, this service can collect data from the related pages.

Widget Video Youtube (Google Inc.)

Youtube is a video service provided by Google Inc. and allows this Application to interface such contents with its own pages.

Collected personal data: Cookies and utility Data

Location: USA – Private Policy


How can I check out Cookie instalment?

Furthermore, the User can control the Cookies directly from within his own browser in order to avoid for instance instalments processed by a third party. Cookies installed in former times can be uninstalled through the browser preferences, including the Cookie the consent was saved when installed by this site. But mind that if all Cookies are uninstalled, the working procedures of this site could be compromised . The necessary information on how to handle Cookies on the browser can be found at the following address: Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple Safari e Microsoft Windows Explorer.

In case of services provided by third parties, the User has a right to refuse the tracing , and to inquire about the third party, in accordance with the private policy, through the link opt out when provided or by directly contacting the third party.

Having said that, the Owner reminds the User that it is available Your Online Choices where he can manage the tracing preferences of most banners. The Owner therefore recommends such option to the User.


Site Holder

ESAin s.r.l.

Via Francesco Dassori 49 / 4 – 5 – 16131 Genoa (Italy)

Since the Owner cannot technically check on the installment of Cookies and other tracing systems made through this application by third parties, whatever said about specifics of Cookies and other tracing systems has not to be acknowledged as fully exhaustive. For further information see on this document the third parties private policy.

Given then the complexity of the identification of Cookies technologies and their web interfacing, we invite the User to contact the Owner for any further information about the management of Cookies and the third parties related, provided on this site.



Legal references Definition



Personal Data

A personal data is whatever information related to a person, identifiable or not, even indirectly, when referring to any other information, an identification number included.


Utility Data

Utility data are considered all information automatically gathered by this Application (or by third parties applications used by this Application): IP addresses, the domains of the User computer connected to this Application, the URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) the request timing, the method used to contact the server ( error, valid, etc. ) Country of origin of the request and browser specifics and operative system used by the visitor, the visit time related data ( for example the time spent on each page) and data related to the path followed within the application and in particular the sequence of the visited pages, the operative system parameters and the User informatics environment.


The User

The individual using this Application who must coincide with the Person Concerned or authorized by this person being whose Personal Data are managed.


The Person concerned

The Person , physically or legally represented, and his or its Personal Data.


The Controller

The physical person or legally represented, the public administration, or any other body, association or organization allowed by the Holder to manage the personal Data, as stated by the private policy.


The Site Holder

The physical or legal person, public administration or any other body or organization which the decisions and finalities and the modalities of personal data management, as well as the instruments, the security profile included, are concern of, all related to the     and the fruition of this Application. The data Controller , unless specified, is the owner of this application.


This Application

The hardware or the software the User personal Data are gathered through.



Small portion of data stored in the User device


Legal References

Brief reminder to the European Users: this info has been provided as stated by the law with the Art. 10 – 95 46 , and also by the Art. 2002/58 CE, and adjourned according to the Art. 2009/136 CE, the Cookies as a subject.

This privacy information concerns this Application only.