CUSTOMER: De Pretto Industrie S.r.l.
SECTOR: Energy
YEAR: 2023

The journey of De Pretto Industrie began in 1885, when the founder, Silvio De Pretto, started the production of hydraulic turbines in his factory, initially specialized specialized in the repair of textile looms.

Throughout its long history, De Pretto Industrie has always played a role of primary importance in the energy and basic industry sectors, enriching its offer with the construction of steam turbines (1-50 MWe) and turbocompressors for the world market.

From 1936 to today, De Pretto Industrie has built around 200 steam turbines, both for the national and international markets. Furthermore, over the years it has collaborated with more than 20 research institutes for the design of special components.

There are many factors that have contributed to the success of De Pretto Industrie, but those that the company is most proud of are the respect for tradition, the belonging to the local community, the spirit of innovation and teamwork, values ​​that have always illuminated the path.

Today the tradition continues with the offer of high-level engineering solutions, designed and built to measure, which meet the highest international standards.

The target

“For years” says engineer Igor Jursic, System Engineering Manager, “we had been using a specific program for plant design which on the one hand proved to be very powerful, but on the other resulted very rigid and complex for our needs. We therefore decided to carry out a survey of the most well-known producers of this type of software in order to see if tools more suited to our reality were available on the market. In particular, the objective we set ourselves was to identify a software that was not only a good compromise between quality and price but also comprehensive, intuitive and easily customizable and which therefore allowed us to respond to the requests of various customers in a rapid, dynamic and flexible way. .”

The answer

The analysis to identify the optimal product was long and detailed, various software were carefully evaluated and tested before making the final decision. Finally, in 2018, the decision was reached to purchase ESApro which seemed to respond to all the required flexibility and manageability needs. “Today, based on the results of the first projects carried out with this software, we can affirm that the choice to adopt ESApro was the right one as well as economically profitable.” continues Jursic who then lists the main advantages of ESApro that he found.

  • Ease of use: this feature made it possible to quickly migrate from another very different software and to become autonomous in a short time.
  • Complete possibility of customization: this constitutes a key aspect for De Pretto as it allows the software to be quickly adapted to every project need.
  • The technical assistance service has always proven to be timely and thorough in answering questions and suggesting quick solutions. This aspect is considered fundamental as it allows us to minimize the waste of time and optimize the production.
  • Completeness: the ESApro software allows to quickly create the three-dimensional layout of the system and trace the pipe routes, after which the 2D drawings containing plans, views and sections are automatically created as well as isometric sketches, line lists, valve lists, component lists etc. Furthermore, the additional modules allow to create the construction models of the pipe supports and cable trays in a very simple and effective way as well as transferring the geometry of the piping lines to the stress analysis software.
The case
The first practical application of the ESApro software in De Pretto Industrie, consisting in the development of a plant in Northern Italy commissioned by Birla Carbon Italy, was made in 2018. In this plant, the heat of an exothermic process allows the customer an important production of steam which is transformed into electricity through the De Pretto turbine.

The ESApro software made it possible to carry out the complete engineering of the power plant, from the modeling of the foundations, metal structures and baseplates supporting the equipment chain, to the arrangement of the equipment and the plant modeling of the various steam, oil, water etc. systems.

The result

“In fact, the ESApro software fully responded to the expectations,” concludes Jursic, revealing itself, right from the start, as an intuitive, all-in-one tool that allowed us to remain within a single platform during the various phases of engineering. The result of the first project was already of a good standard and satisfied us and our client.”

Over the years, around thirty other projects followed which allowed the designers of De Pretto Industrie, thanks also to the constant support from ESAin technicians, to increasingly master the tool and optimize it with a consequent improvement in the quality of the projects and a progressive reduction in execution times.