AREA: Food and Beverage
YEAR: 2023

A DUE di Squeri Donato & C. S.p.A. has been a leader in the Beverage sector, including water treatment, since 1967. A DUE’s equipment and solutions are used worldwide by many leading bottling companies such as Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Danone, Heineken, Nestlé Group, Orangina, Pepsi Cola, etc. A DUE designs, builds, and installs complete and automated systems (EASY.Room) for the preparation of various beverages: soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored waters, functional drinks, and non-alcoholic beer, with a particular focus on water and energy savings. Thanks to their specific know-how, A DUE’s systems are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of customers and cover all production phases, from ingredient management and dosing to mixing, pasteurization, and carbonation of the finished beverage. A DUE also provides water treatment systems (EASY.Water) for well water, spring water, and tap water intended for the production and bottling of all types of beverages.
The target
In the past, A DUE had used various 3D design programs, but none had provided completely satisfactory results. The main limitations encountered in these systems were the design and drafting times for executive drawings. For this reason, in 2018, A DUE set the goal of finding a new 3D CAD system that would reduce the design and execution times of the production drawings to be delivered to the manufacturing department while optimizing the creation of increasingly complex machines to ensure maximum quality and efficiency of the systems.
The answer
After a thorough investigation, the choice fell on ESApro software from ESAin; the decision was motivated not only by the good technical support from the ESAin team but also by the program’s flexibility in the creation of machines and short times for graphic modifications. “For the preparation of the necessary technical material, various customizations, and tests following the realization of the 3D design, we can say that in the short space of a month of work we have achieved our goal: the creation of the sketchbook, the only document that is consulted for the construction of the machine,” says Maurizio Latusi, Product Engineer at A DUE. “We are currently using various ESAin products, including 3D Piping and Isometrics, in addition to the Supports module, and we can affirm that by leveraging these packages, we have achieved significant improvements, and in general, the results are far superior to those obtained with the previously used CAD systems.”
The case
As the first project to explore all the potential of the programs provided by ESAin, A DUE decided to undertake the creation of one of its most complex machines, both in terms of components and number of objects in the design: an Aseptic Tubular Pasteurizer. The goal was to have a clear set of executive drawings suitable for the machine realization, with a good graphic representation of the 3D model to be able to share it with the workshop for construction. “In carrying out this project, I was appropriately supported by ESAin technicians throughout the realization of the initial component tables and classes,” continues Latusi. “As it was the first project, the ESAin team provided valuable suggestions on how to draw and make the most of the various applications. Furthermore, ESAin technicians worked on customizing the ESApro software to realize our desire to have a single final document for the physical realization of the machine in question.”
The result
The creation of the sketch-book represented an excellent outcome, not only for having a single consultable document for the construction of the machine, but also because, being the document created as a .pdf and accessible electronically, this brings the advantage of not having to print anything, resulting in a significant saving of paper, toner, and a related benefit for the environment.
“Experience leads us to be optimistic about the results obtained,” concludes Latusi. “After overcoming some minor initial slowdowns, we are now always ready, fast, and efficient in tackling the construction of any machine or plant, knowing that we have a solid and reliable tool that guarantees excellent results. Additionally, we are constantly in touch with the ESAin team, which advises and guides us in defining new integrations and implementations aimed at further improving our business processes.”