Kiyi Mühendislik is a dynamic Turkish company established in 2007 and provides engineering services for the petrochemical, chemical, energy, and mining industries.

With various references,Kiyi Mühendislik has become a Technology Partner in the chemical industry, especially in project management, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions.

To proceed in his high technology strategy, Kiyi Mühendislik has selected ESApro P&ID and ESApro Instrumentation to supply advanced solutions and best engineering practices, to his customers.

ESApro P&ID is a proven best in class ESAin application already used by Engineering leaders. With rich functionalities, the software speeds up the graphic layout of the P&ID, driven by piping specifications, and it automatically provides the lists of lines, valves, and equipment.

ESApro Instrumentation is a unique software to generate Instrument datasheets and hook-ups diagram with a Digital continuity from the P&ID and consistency checks tools. Within the ESApro software suite different productive and consistency mechanisms are the fruit of 30 years ESAin experiences.

Kiyi Mühendislik has an advanced role of solution partner with a vision to provide cost-effective, high-quality engineering services and contribution to sustainable development with flexible designs, energy efficiency and minimizing waste.

ESAin, the Italian manufacturer leader of software for Plant Design is pleased to welcome Kiyi Mühendislik to his international customer network.

Contact: Serdar Kiyi

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